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Ferrovial – Construction Enterprise in Spain Access Control Management Case Study

Project Description:

Project site: Ferrovial Management Building in Madrid, Spain Ferrovial, founded in1952, is one of the world’s leading infrastructure operators and municipal services companies, committed to developing sustainable solutions. The company has more than 95,978 employees and a presence in 6 main markets. It is a member of Spain’s blue-chip IBEX 35 index and is also included in prestigious sustainability indices such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and FTSE4Good. The company’s activity is carried out through four business lines, including Services (efficient provision of urban and environmental services and maintenance of infrastructures and facilities), Toll Roads (promotion, investment and operation of toll roads and other infrastructures), Construction (the design and construction of infrastructures in the areas of civil engineering work, building and industrial construction) and Airports (airport investment and operation). A commitment to society is one of Ferrovial’s distinguishing characteristics. Accordingly, they are committed to Corporate Responsibility, best practices in Quality and the Environment, and the advancement of Innovation. They provide services to large communities to promote socio-economic development, helping improve people’s living standards and contributing to their development.

Client Requirements

Reliable Access Control System

The site is daily accessed by as a large number as 2,000 people. For security reason, to secure that the safety and privacy of the sites are not threatened, a reliable authentication method which prevents illegal and improper access must be deployed.

Quick Visitor Registration

The site is estimated to be daily accessed by approximately 600 people. As our client requires extra secure visitor\r\nmanagement, they asked if it was able to apply same biometric verification methods to visitors as is applied to\r\nemployees while still maintaining high efficiency of visitor registration.

Solution Implementation


Device Name
Device Model
Entrance Control
Flap Barrier
Flap Barrier
Access Control
Fingerprint and Card Reader
Fingerprint and Face Recognition Terminal
ProCapture T
Finger Vein Terminal
USB Fingerprint Reader
FPV Fingerprint and Finger Vein Reader
Access Control Software

Technical Features/Solution

• The building is deployed with a security solution comprising of entrance control and access control devices and software. A unit of FBL500 Single-lane Flap Barrier, 2 units of FBL5200 Dual-lane Flap Barriers have been installed to construct a 3-channel entrance. Each channel has been deployed with 2 units of ProCapture-T Access Control Terminals for entrance and exit management.

• Employees are pre-registered with their personal information, fingerprint data and face data for access control purpose. They are required to be verified with scanning their fingerprint or face for access and exit.

• All premises in the building have been installed with access control devices. 30 units of FR1200 Fingerprint Readers have been deployed to most of the premises for fingerprint verification to access. For some premises that require higher security level, inPulse+ Fingerprint and finger Vein Readers have been deployed for doubled security verification.

• For visitor management, all visitors are required to perform registration prior to the visits to the building.

• In order to remain quick registration, SLK20R USB Fingerprint Readers and FPV10R USB Fingerprint Vein Readers have also been installed which are connected to the computers performing visitor information registration. Thus all fingerprints and finger vein data of the visitors are able to be quickly recorded for access control purpose, and it ensures that visitors could only have access to the premises they are authorized to.

• Apart from that, as our client requires precise information registration of their visitors, Desco PentaScanner devices have also been deployed for OCR (optical character recognition) purpose. All visitors’ document of identity proof able to be quickly recorded. With connection to our ZKBioSecurity Access Control Software, all visitors’ information could be efficiently saved and centrally managed.

• ZKTeco solutions offer high flexibility of customization and integration, as our clients has already had its own vehicles barrier and LPR (license plate recognition) system, to better utilize client’s resources, we have integrated the carpark system to our installation by installing an FR1200 fingerprint reader for biometric verification.

Function Description

• ProCapture-T is an access control terminal applying the most advanced SilkID fingerprint sensor. Its outstanding performance provides a high identification rate towards dry, wet and rough fingers, being capable to detect alive finger for a higher security level.

• The fingerprint verification speed has been dramatically increased by its optimized fingerprint algorithm and the brand new ZMM220 hardware platform, equipped with a fast 1.2GHz processor. The touch keypad delivers a smooth and easy user operation to enroll and delete users, set device and access control parameters, etc. Its built-in camera
allows to capture user’s photos and events snapshots to provide attendance evidence (optional function).

• inPulse+ is a multi-biometric reader capable of capturing and processing finger vein and fingerprint biometric data at the same time. Ergonomic, intuitive and highly secured, inPulse+ leads us to a new era of enhancing security with biometrics. Its infra-red rays illuminate the vein pattern which is then converted into a biometric template. Both the
vein and fingerprint templates are then stored in the database for subsequent matching.

• FR1200, a fingerprint reader with RS485 communication interface works with biometric access controllers and fingerprint standalone access control, including inBio series controllers, F8 and so on. It offers the function of capturing and transferring fingerprint samples to access control panel. With its IP65 rated rugged structure, FR1200 offers extra durability in all weather conditions including outdoor environments.

• SLK20R is a leading fingerprint scanner designed by ZKTeco USA laboratory which adopts the advanced optical design. It has a superior ability to do live fingerprint detection and capture high-quality fingerprint images by 2 Megapixel camera. It can be the most comfortable and affordable desktop enrollment and identification device. FPV10R is a fingerprint and finger vein combined scanner. In mathematics, it has index level accuracy improvement. With a single scanning, it does two verification of both fingerprint and the finger vein. It has the capability to scan both surface signature of the skin (fingerprints) and the inner side (finger vein), and offers reliable solution to block fake attempts to the system. They are both able to be connected with USB to computer that offer high flexibility and convenience of installation.