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ZKTeco has developed professional industry solutions for different industries properties and scale

Visible Light Face Recognition algorithm

Visible Light facial recognition technology allows you to quickly identify people in the stream, significantly superior to other biometric technologies. The equipment can be connected to turnstiles or doors in educational institutions, office centers.
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Mobile Attendance Solution

Timecube is a cloud platform that integrates time tracking terminals and a personnel management system for perfect enterprise management.
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Time Management

BioTime 7.0 is a powerful web server software that offers the most innovative features for time tracking.
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Visitor Management

Visitor Management with ZKBiosecurity offers functions for registering access, checking, capturing photographs, counting the number of visitors, and exchanging information with registration points.
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Locker Solution

ZKTeco offers intelligent services that are suitable for both individual and multidisciplinary projects. Using powerful software - ZKBioSecurity
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Parking Management

With the rapid development of the global economy, the number of vehicles is growing. For the efficient management of vehicles, the number of parking lots is growing.
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