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Industry Description

Industry Description

ZKBioSecurity Constructing Security System


• XRay visual attention detection

• XRay energy saving

• Who pick up the luggage

• Cloud service and connection with third party systems

• “Who is inside” information shown on the LED

• Smart parking lock

• Inspection of chassis

• Automatic license plates verification (with LPR camera)

• Access control and LPR attendance tracking

• Real time parking lot monitoring

• Global linkage - monitoring video pop-up

• Limit entry by time zone

• Global anti-passback

• Global interlock

• Who is inside

• Flexible group scheduling

Visual attention detection for X-Ray machine

X-ray-aided screening systems are one of the most commonly adopted security measures at checkpoints and building entrances for decades. Yet, inspectors who are employed to screen the personal belongings through the system’s monitor and further initiate more thorough security checks (e.g. hand searches) at the point of visual inspection may not be always paying attention to the images displayed on the monitor. ZKTeco has developed a function which helps determine if the inspector is looking at the monitor. If not, the system will alert you until the inspector faces the monitor again.

Energy saving for X-Ray machine

The machines are energy-efficient. The X-ray generator is only activated when the sensor identifies an object’s presence on the conveyor belt; otherwise, the conveyor belt will stop moving.

Who picks up the luggage?

The system will take pictures for records when a traveller placed his/her luggage on the conveyor belt from one side and when he/ she picked up the luggage from the other side to ensure each traveller collects his/her own belongings.

Cloud service and connection with third party systems

ZKTeco provides a software development kit(SDK) of the entrance control which allows user to connect the product with third party applications for further software development. When people go through the turnstile, electronic entry records will be stored in the cloud. Third parties, such as police officers, medical staff, will know who is inside the construction site.

“Who is inside” information shown on the LED

ZKTeco allows user to get informed about who are working inside the construction site at the entrance. Only when a worker swipes his/her card on top of the turnstile, such person can get access to the construction site; his/her name and position will at the same time be shown on the connected LED screen.

Smart parking lock

Plock 2 disallows drivers to park at a specific parking spot unless the vehicle has the authority to get access to the parking lot. The arm of Plock 2 can rotate back and forth when the parking lock receives signals from the sensor.

Inspection of chassis

Such inspection is to detect threats such as bombs that can easily be hidden underneath vehicles. As a vehicle arrives the checkpoint and gets over the imaging unit, cameras installed will capture images of the undercarriage and transmit them to the control unit which displays them on a monitor. It can be located in close proximity to the checkpoint or the exit area.

Automatic license plates verification (with LPR camera)

LPR technology is an application of computer video image recognition technology in license plate identification area. Its operation starts when the vehicle is located at the entrance of the parking lot, the LPR camera will scan the license plate characters, and its recognition technology will identify the license plate number, color and other information. If the number on the license plate is valid, the car park barrier will lift for access; otherwise, no access will be allowed.

Access control and LPR attendance tracking

Different from most of the time attendance system in the market, ZKBioSecurity can be linked with access control terminal(s), control panel(s) and LPR terminal(s), and allow users to retrieve access records for calculation.

Real time parking lot monitoring

It provides an additional function for administrators to have a real time monitoring in the monitor room. You can check video images and information of entrances and exits of all guard booths in all parking lots.

Global linkage - monitoring video pop-up

The security linkage system comprises a video monitoring system. When there is an exceptional event, including a swiping of an unauthorized card on the card reader, monitoring video will pop up to warn administrator. Video length could be up to 180 seconds.

Limit entry by time zone

As an adminstrators you may define active time periods of the access control on specific days. For example, you may disallow access on public holidays. ZKBioSecurity is a good access control system which can let you do that.

Global anti-passback

Global Anti-Passback is an advanced security function extending security level towards unregistered access. If any person enters the security area without authentication including tail-gating just like the red colored person in the image below, then that person will be locked up in the security area, even if the person has the access rights.

Global interlock

Global interlock is another advanced security function that enhances security level by interacting with different security areas. It prevents persons from opening more than one door at a time even if the persons have multiple door access authorities. It is also able to precisely appoint access authorities including activations of access authorities of specific doors only when the correlated doors are locked up properly.

Who is inside

By using the "Who is inside" function, administrators can check how many persons still remain in the specific area/room, with their detailed information such as the personnel ID, first name, last name, department name and access time.

Flexible group scheduling

ZKBioSecurity offers flexible group scheduling to administrators. Users can group all employees in the company or in individual departments together and apply the same attendance rules, or users can set the attendance parameter like check-in, check out, and overtime rules.

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