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Othaim Mall In Saudi Arabia Metal Detection Solution Case Study

Project Description:

Project Site: Othaim Mall Othaim Mall is one of the popular shopping malls in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia known for its different and unique architectural design. It belongs to the Abdullah Al-Othaim Markets Company whose main activities are food wholesaling, grocery stores, and malls. As of 2011, the company operated 65 supermarkets, 26 convenience stores, eight wholesale outlets, and seven hypermarkets. They have been ranked by Forbes as No. 3 on the list of top executive management in the Arab World Retail in 2016. Abdullah Al Othaim Real Estate Investment and Development Company (one of the Al Othaim Holding Companies) is considered as one of the specialized companies in constructing and operating big shopping malls. Al Othaim adheres to the international standards in the process of selecting the appropriate location and attracts international and local brands, in addition to having specialized professionals in this field. Al Othaim owns 8 big shopping malls.

Client Requirements

Reliable Weapon Detection System

As a premise providing different entertainment and services, Othaim Mall needs to serve a great quantity of clients including a large amount of walk-in customers. It would not be realistic and possible to register every client’s identity, and it would not prevent armed attacks either. Thus, a feasible solution is a system that is able to instantly and effectively detect and recognize dangerous good including weapons in order to stop any potential threat to security.

Solution Implementation


Device Name
Device Model
Security Inspection
Walk-through Metal Detector

Hand-held Metal Detector

Technical Features

• Our client required an easy installation that does not need large space and modification. Thus, ZK-D3180S are deployed with its easy assembly and installation, its modularization design also enables easy maintenance and replacement.

• Security staffs of the mall regularly patrol the area and randomly perform security inspections with the hand-held metal detectors.

• The applied solution involves 16 units of ZK-D3180S Walk-through Metal Detectors and 20 units of ZK-D100S Hand-held metal detectors.

• The walk-through metal detectors are deployed in various entrances of the mall. All visitors are required to be scanned by the devices to ensure that no weapons or abandoned goods are carried into the area of the mall.

• With instant sound and LED notifications, once any metal weapon is scanned and discovered, security staffs will be promptly informed for the prevention.

Function Description

• The ZK-D3180S also is able to perform alarm counting for the convenience of review of security measures, automatic visitors counting also is favorable to business analysis.

• The walk-through metal detector are protected by password verification, only authorized persons are able to perform operation to the devices after successful verification.

• ZK-D3180S is a walk-through metal detector with ultimately outstanding performance of metal detection, with 18 mutual over-lapping detection zones and simultaneous alarm from multi-zones, it easily detects all means of metal objects to offer full preciseness. It also has adjustable sensitivity levels from 0 to 255 to suit every customer’s needs.

• Generally one major concern to the actual application of metal detection devices is that its potential harm to human body, necessary life-maintenance devices or other important devices. The applied devices are all harmless to human body, pregnant women, heart pacemakers, magnetic floppy or recording tapes etc.

• ZKD100S is a hand-held metal detector specially designed for body search of metal weapons. With rechargeable battery it is convenient for security patrol and random metal detection in the entire area.

• With sound and LED alarm notifications, when any metal is detected, security staffs are instantly informed and the LED indicates the position of the detected metal.